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Our Pandemic response for islands


In response to the global pandemic and the far-reaching implications for the small open economies of the OCTs, the RESEMBID team spontaneously created the Pandemic Resilience Response Facility. It was successfully launched on 5th April 2020. In record time, the Facility earmarked flexibly €10 million specifically to fund pandemic Resilience response actions for all the 12 OCTs. It was structured as a purpose-designed, fast-track, flexible response tool for the OCTs to confront the challenges of responding to the pandemic. It incorporates a degree of derogation and delegation granted by the European Union and Expertise France to enable rapid response and agile, [...]

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New “Fast-track” EU-funded COVID-19 Resilience Facility to Benefit Caribbean OCTs


16 April, 2020 – Cole Bay, Sint Maarten – The European Union and Expertise France on Monday, 6th April approved a special, fast-tracked €10 million COVID-19 mechanism to support the Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) in their efforts at managing and responding to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus. The RESEMBID COVID-19 Resilience Response Facility has thus been established against the backdrop of overwhelmed public health systems across the OCTs, and jarringly deepening social and economic crises in most Territories. The Facility is funded by the European Union under the 11th European Development Fund, and is a component of its regional [...]

New “Fast-track” EU-funded COVID-19 Resilience Facility to Benefit Caribbean OCTs2022-06-09T23:35:42+00:00

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